Subject Re: [firebird-support] My Generator handling code acts very strange ways
Author Martijn Tonies

> Sql is:
> SELECT GEN_ID('+ AGeneratorname +',' +
> intToStr(AValue) +
> I am using DbExpress (in this case, one with comes with D6).
> When I get FieldByName('CURVAL').AsString (to be safe, and has been
> years) it can return something like '=' or '?' or '1422=' (etc) sometimes,

Bug in the dbExpress driver, which driver are you using?

> this code (is used with Avalue=0 to get current value) returns actual
> in the DB (checked with 3rd party tool from DB directly).
> Any ideas where to look at it. I am now using FB 1.5.5 and Gds32.dll is
> correct (because I physically rmoved it and reinstalled Fb1.5.5)
> Any ideas where to look at it. The Delphi code is unchanged, basically has
> not been changed in years.
> There is something very fishy going on, but I am just out of ideas. I did
> even backup restore to the current DB I am using.
> I think I had similar case once, but as usual I have no clue what was the
> actual problem then...

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