Subject Re: bug, in embedded firebird versions, handling the conn string (full path to DB)
Author lucipl77
--- In, Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
<adrianosf@...> wrote:
> lucipl77 escreveu:
> >>
> > Isql.exe can be used to connect to embedded firebird library ?
> >
> > I tried and isql.exe fails to run because: 'This application has
> > failed to start because fbclient.dll was not found. Re-installing the
> > application may fix this problem.'
> >
> > fbclient.dll is in the same directory with isql.exe, also
> > MyTestApp.exe is in the same place using fbclient.dll and il loads and
> > executes succesfully( except the case i've opened the Post, unicode
> > .... )
> >
> ISQL should work with fbembed renamed to fbclient.dll. I don't know why
> you receive this error in this condition. Anyway, did you installed the
> MSVC 8 runtime?
> Adriano

FB embedded came with MSVC 8 runtime in the same folder.
The flclient.dll is loadable without problems because i can open it up
with Depends.exe (Dependency walker tool from MS), and my test program
also opens it. The problem is that isql.exe does not find the
fbclient.dll, maybe it does not search it in the applications folder
and uses some ENV variable ...