Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: bug, in embedded firebird versions, handling the conn string (full path to DB)
Author Adriano dos Santos Fernandes
lucipl77 escreveu:
> FB embedded came with MSVC 8 runtime in the same folder.
> The flclient.dll is loadable without problems because i can open it up
> with Depends.exe (Dependency walker tool from MS), and my test program
> also opens it. The problem is that isql.exe does not find the
> fbclient.dll, maybe it does not search it in the applications folder
> and uses some ENV variable ...
ISQL.exe dependency on fbclient.dll is done at link-time, like your
application, you could inspect it with dependency walker.

If you does not have the runtime *installed* you may have problem. This
topic was already discussed on this list.