Subject no new records inserted - database growing dramatically (Python and SQLObjects)
Author Petr Jakes
My configuration: FB 2.0.4 SS on the Ubuntu 7.10., AMD Geode GX2 CPU.
SQLObject 0.9.2, Python 2.5

I have 3 really small tables in the database with few records only in
each table. The initial size of the database is about 800kB.
While used in my application (using Python - SQLObjects) the size of
the database is growing dramatically even no data is inserted. If I
say dramatically I mean it grows to about 10MB after few days (and it
is growing and growing).

gstat -r on the new database shows:
Generation 15

gstat -r on the after few days later shows:
Generation 11653736

gstat -r on the gbak/restored database shows:
Generation 15

If I do gbak/restore the size of the restored database is (as
expected) similar to the new database (about 800kB).

gfix -sweep does not affect the size of the database.

Thanks for your comments.

Petr Jakes