Subject Re: FB 2.1 Issue with select distinct
Author Estie
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...>
> > Hi. We have a table with applicants and use the 'select distinct
> > (surname) from applicant' to populate a drop-down.
> >
> > The resulting list includes applicant with a surname "Wilson " but
> > not "Wilson".
> >
> > Any ideas about why this could be? We are using Firebird 2.1 on
> > 2003 Server.
> > Regards, Pieter
> Is the (surname) field a varchar? or char? It might be char in your
case and
> maybe it should be varchar.
> How are the values inserted or updated? via your own interface or
via an
> external datapump of some kind?
> Alan
The (surname) field is varchar(20) using win1252 characterset and
collation. The values are entered manually by the applicant or

How does the distinct verb decide whether a value is distinct in a
list or not?

Regards, Pieter