Subject Re: SuperServer Doesn't Always Start With XP.
Author inoffensive_2006
--- In, Dean Harding
<dean.harding@...> wrote:
> Salvatore Besso wrote:
> > same problem here. I've resolved getting rid of the Guardian. If
this is
> > satisfactory for you...
> You don't need the guardian if you're running as a service anyway,
> because Windows has the functionality to automatically restart it

Thanks Salvatore and Dean:

I've upgraded to 2.1.1, installing it without the Guardian.

Seems to work fine on my system.

My partner is limited to telephone modem for a couple of
days, and won't want to attempt a 5 meg download until he
gets home later this week.

In the meantime, can he duplicate the effect by turning
off the guardian from the Control Panel's Firebird Service

I appreciate the time you have taken to help me.