Subject SuperServer Doesn't Always Start With XP.
Author inoffensive_2006
Hi Folks:

Firebird, developing and running on XP Home.

Yea, I see we're a release behind. I'll fix that real

I've never had Firebird server, super or classic, fail to
start with XP.

My partner has been plagued with 335544375 errors,
"Resource not Available" on his laptop running SuperServer.
And this means the server isn't running. He gets an error
message and needs to go to the control panel - Firebird
Service Control, and hit the start button.

As I understand it, this doesn't happen all the time,
but often enough to annoy him. Several times a week.

He's done an install by hand, using the defaults. The
install included having Firebird always start. He read the
text in the Firebird Server Control dialog, the following
are checked:

Use the Guardian
Run as a Service
Start Automatically.

Why doesn't Firebird always start when he starts his PC.

I'm thinking about checking for that error and running
"initsvc start" from the application. But I don't know if
this is a viable option for all combinations of user
privileges and the strict environment I'm hearing about for