Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB2.1 frequently Index corruption in DB
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:16 PM 19/07/2008, you wrote:
>Hi helen
>a)not always 10 user some time group up to 45 user online this is
>avrage per hour
>what to do ?

Reduce your cache size ASAP. This means taking the *database* (not the server) offline and running gfix -buffers n d:\full\path\to\database.file. Try making n 256 to begin with. It will probably be OK, even for 45 users.

Note, another approach is to use gfix on *both* databases, making n = 0 in both, and to configure DefaultDbCachePages = 256 in firebird.conf. With multiple databases being accessed, this is better. Don't forget to remove the # comment marker on this parameter!

>B)how detect "Are you running your Classic server under the Guardian?"
>and how disable it if run ?

Inspect the Services in the Administrative Tools section of your Control Panel. If Guardian is running, it will be listed there. You can configure Guardian behaviour from its Properties sheet (right-click on the service in the list). First stop the Guardian service (this will also stop the fb_inet_server service, so make sure nobody is logged in to a database when you do this). Then drop down the Startup Type listbox and select 'Disabled'. You will then need to visit the Firebird server service and set its Startup Type to 'Automatic'.

(A better way would be to use instsvc.exe, first to remove both the Guardian and the Firebird server services and then to reinstall the Firebird service with NO Guardian. However, altering the services is OK, as long as the site conditions don't allow someone else to go in and tamper with your settings.)

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