Subject FB2.1 frequently Index corruption in DB
Author mnavahan

i use classic server Fb2.1 in win2003 in dual xeon with 6GB of ram
in this server have two diffrent db with 10user online

one of db never have not problem BUT in other database frequntly (1th
per week to 3th per week see index error) with this message in
validation :

Summary of validation errors
Number of index page errors : 14

IBE: Validation completed.

and in firebird.log :

COMPUTER1 Thu Jul 10 00:24:16 2008
Database: MI4
Index 1 is corrupt on page 33525 level 1. File:
..\..\..\src\jrd\validation.cpp, line: 1658
in table XXX (129)


why ?
how resolve this problem ?