Subject Re: GBAK Backup Size
Author André Knappstein, Controlling
Hello Andrew,

> we'd noticed the size increasing over time (as we backup the FBU to a secondary server)
> but never noticed the FDB staying the same size

> its the growth tahts got me a bit stumped

I would also suggest you first look for secondary files.

And how do you actually "back up to a second server"? Copying, using a
3rd party backup suite (which probably only appends files...) or
indeed somehow using gbak.exe?

Maybe I am not up2date with FB technology but I thought that backing
up with gbak would always need to be done on the same server, first.

And maybe it is also a good idea to check the quality of your
"secondary server" along with some hardware settings.

There always is a good chance to get different "on disk" file sizes if
you have different block sizes on the harddisks. I can not think of
any realistic setting that would cause such a BIIIIIIG difference,
though, but you never know.

Together with probably underlying hardware or OS defects this also
needs to examined.

Did you _try_ to do a backup on the same server and then to transfer
it to any other machine, probably a client, and examine the file size?