Subject GBAK Backup Size
Author call.assist

(prob doing something stupid here, but hey ho)

I've a couple of different DB/Servers running gbak regulary

I've noticed one has a GDB file size of 1.5gig, and GBK produced is ~

Another has a CABS FDB of 1.5Gig and produces a FBU of around 3.5GB

both use exactly the same gbak command line , within reason.

"D:\Program Files\Firebird_1_5\bin\gbak" -backup -user SYSDBA -
password xxx -nt localhost:e:\Data\DB.fdb e:\Backup\DB.FBU

any ideas?

only difference i can see is the file extensions :s

FB 1.5 Superserver, on win2k3 boxes.