Subject 32bit Firebird on 64bit Windows
Author PenWin

I have a question regarding 32bit versions of Firebird running on 64bit
versions of Windows: I have installed Firebird 1.5.2 (32bit) on Windows
2008 Server Standard (64bit) and just about everything seemed to work
fine, including my custom UDF library.

I have encountered one problem, though: I just can't add or remove
users. No matter what tool I use (gsec, IBOConsole, my own database stup
program), I always get a response that the user database is not
accessible. I can copy a working security.fdb database from a Windows XP
machine to the W2008 Server, and indeed the users will appear in the
list, but I just can't find a way to modify the userlist (expcept for
copying the user database to a XP machine, modifying it there, then
copying it back). Am I doing something wrong or is it simply a matter of
this old version of Firebird not expecting to run on 64bit Windows?

(It doesn't really matter all that much, I can just as well install the
32bit version of W2008, or copy the security database as needed, but I
would like to know what the problem is)


Pepa Kokes