Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: One table taking a long time to insert/update
Author Anderson Farias

> Hi Helen so how do you configure database to leave more space while
> inserting?

Your db is already configured to that, since there's no 'NO RESERVE' showing
up on Atrributes from your db statistics. But the command is:

gfix -use reserve

than it's advisable to do a backup and restore.

>Oldest transaction 4391647
> Oldest active 4391648
> Next transaction 4526929

As others have said, your problem is really your transaction management, you
must get rid of long-running tranasactions and as far as your Sweep interval
is set to 0, do a manual sweep from time to time.

AFAIU, your records have low space available becouse the space is being used
to keep a lot of [garbage] record versions. A sweep -- as far as you take
care of some long-running uncommited transaction -- will take care of that.

Anderson Farias