Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Connection actively refused
Author Robert martin
Adam wrote:
> Apart from to remove a certain piece of software that in my experience
> creates more problems than it solves ;)
> The active refuse message is generated by the database. From my
> experience, it has always been one of two reasons.
> 1. The service is not running (or at least not listening on that port).
> 2. There is a firewall blocking that port.
> I suppose it is also possible that someone (or some mysterious
> software) has set bound the port to a particular NIC.
> Try telnet to establish a connection (annoyingly Vista doesn't install
> telnet client by default).
> telnet [IP Address] 3050
> That will remove any Firebird client side issues from the equation.
> What you need to see is a black screen, not an error.
> Adam

Hi I have had the client try telnet and he gets the following error

"Could not open connection to the host, on port 3050:connection failed"

I have go him trying to add 3050 to the services file on the FB server. Any other suggestions?