Subject Re: saving jpeg
Author Adam
--- In, mugi yanto
<bantal_keyboard@...> wrote:
> Hi, anyone.
> Please help me how to save a jpeg file to my blob field.
> It works for bmp but stuck on jpeg.
> Fyi, i use fb 1.5 and delphi 6.

This is really a Delphi support question. From Firebird's perspective,
it really does not care what you put in a BLOB field. It is just a
sequence of bytes. So there is no difference between storing a bmp,
jpg, pdf, doc, or any other file type you care to name.

[off topic part]
Precisely how you achieve it will depend on the connection components
you use, but generally you create a paramatised insert query in your
preferred connection components, and with the TParam use either
LoadFromStream or LoadFromFile method as applicable.
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