Subject Re: Connection actively refused
Author Adam
--- In, Robert martin <rob@...> wrote:
> Hi
> We have a client where 1 machine is unable to connect to the FB server
> with the 'Connection actively refused' message (I can get the exact
> if required, just don't have it right now). The machine weas working
> fine a few days ago and the client claims to have not changed anything
> (we are dubious).
> I have tried disabling firewalls / security on client and server
> machines (although they are using Nortons so you can never tell !).
> network is operational and I can ping the server host machine. I have
> reinstalled DB client software on the client machine.
> We have seen this in the past but it has always just been a Firewall
> issue (open 3050 and everything works). Any other suggestions ?

Apart from to remove a certain piece of software that in my experience
creates more problems than it solves ;)

The active refuse message is generated by the database. From my
experience, it has always been one of two reasons.

1. The service is not running (or at least not listening on that port).
2. There is a firewall blocking that port.

I suppose it is also possible that someone (or some mysterious
software) has set bound the port to a particular NIC.

Try telnet to establish a connection (annoyingly Vista doesn't install
telnet client by default).

telnet [IP Address] 3050

That will remove any Firebird client side issues from the equation.
What you need to see is a black screen, not an error.