Subject Charset for identifiers and check constraints?
Author Kjell Rilbe

I have a db in FB 2.1 with default charset ISO8859_1.

I know this means all data is stored using that charset/encoding unless
i specify otherwise.

But what about identifiers?

And what about the "body" of check constraints?

I'm asking because in FlameRobin 0.8.6 I can't commit after executing this:

create table "Användare" (
"Lösenord" varchar(35) not null,
constraint "AnvändareLösenordLängd"
check (char_length("Lösenord") >= 8)

It executes fine, but when I try to commit I get this error:

SQL Message : -104
Invalid token

Engine Code : 335544343
Engine Message :
invalid request BLR at offset 16
column Lösenord is not defined in table Användare

Note that "Lösenord" appears correct while "Användare" appear mangled.

I've asked in the FlameRobin devel list too - not sure "who" is the
culprit here... :-)

Kjell Rilbe
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