Subject Nbackup hanging. Firebird 2.1 SLED 10.0
Author thisllub
Quad core 8GB ram.
Software raid 10
XFS partition.
Forced writes.

Database about 11GB in size.

Upgraded via backup and restore of 2.0 database.

Gbak reports no errors.
4 times in the last 48 hours Nbackup has hung without creating a delta
The only way to restart the database is with a reboot.

Initially the backups were going to a separate LVM partition. I
disabled that in case there was an error in LVM. The last one failed
on the raid partition.

The LVM routine was established during V2.0. use of the database(s).
Although this database corrupted (gds inconsistency error) on average
every three months under 2.0 (never under 1.5) Nbackup has never had a
problem before.

I am disabling Nbackup for now but it is a problem of great concern.

Any ideas?


Michael Boyle.