Subject Call Stored Procedures with parameters in both directions from MS ACCESS
Author Olaf Kluge

Actually, I have a odbc-direct connection to firebird. Unfortunately, this
connection is limited concerning functions.

I would like to call a stored procedure from firebird and get the
return-parameters in my ms access-application. Do you have an ADO or DAO
connection-example for msaccess? Google-results are very rare for this way.

Another reason to change the connection is the better and safer way to
connect. For now we have much entries in the firebird.log "FLS (Client) Thu
Dec 06 08:41:50 2007 INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10060" Perhaps, we can
solve this problem.

The tables are connected with the Gemini driver to firebird.

Do you have some ideas?

Thank you.

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