Subject FB 2.1 Add a user in security DB via c++
Author diethard.kumpf
I tried to add a user in the security DB with FB Server 2.1 using the
following code. Works perfect under 1.5!!!
An error is thrown "ISC_Service_att_err". What is the correct way?
Do we have to connect with a service before? Are there code samples

int pa;
ISC_STATUS isc_status[20];
Ib_header::USER_SEC_DATA user_data;

pa = Database.Pos(":");
user_data.user_name = Username.c_str();
user_data.password = "OmugZug9";//Password.c_str();
user_data.server = Database.SubString(1,pa).c_str();
user_data.protocol = sec_protocol_tcpip;
user_data.dba_user_name = "SYSDBA";
user_data.dba_password = "Guiffez9";
user_data.first_name = "";
user_data.last_name = "";
user_data.sec_flags = sec_password_spec |
sec_dba_user_name_spec |

int a = isc_add_user(isc_status, &user_data);