Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running multiple FB versions on development computer
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:41 PM 11/06/2008, you wrote:
>I was hoping that others have gone down this path and can point me in the
>right direction.
>I have many different applications in development that work with Firebird.
>Some are Delphi apps and others are PHP5 apps. I do all of my development
>on my Windows laptop computer. In the past, I have been using FB 1.5.5 for
>everything which has worked great.
>Recently we decided to start building for FB 2.1, and now I have to have
>both FB 1.5.5 and FB 2.1 available on my computer. I would like both to be
>running as server instances at the same time, but serving on different ports
>if that is possible.
>I've not had to install multiple FB server instances on the same computer
>before, so I was looking for some guidance on this. I tried to run the FB
>2.1 installer on my computer, but it complained that since the other version
>of FB was installed, I'd have to complete the installation manually. Also
>it wanted the FB 1.5.5 server shut down in order to install.
>Are there any documents out there that explain, step by step, what is
>required to have multiple versions of FB running concurrently on a computer
>for this?
>Thanks in advance for any advice.

Chapter 9 of the v.1.5.5 release notes has it all.