Subject Firebird 2.1 cannot connect to database, but shows different path in error?
Author Martijn Tonies
Hey all,

What could cause the following? These are my steps:

1) I got a database (zipped) and extracted it to f:\data

2) database name is fb_demo.fdb

3) I register it in Database Workbench Pro 3 by using the database filename:

4) When trying to connect, I can see (from the debugger) the connection is
made to:

which is correct.

5) Next, the following error message is shown:
ISC ERROR CODE:335544344

I/O error for file "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\FB_DEMO"
Error while trying to open file
The system cannot find the path specified.

Other databases in f:\data work fine.

Anyone got a clue?

Martijn Tonies
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My thoughts:
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