Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Problem Firebird Classic Server
Author Anderson Farias

> the page size is 4096, I don't have changed it since swap to classic
> server.
> This is the same pagesize we used on superserver-architecture. How is the
> best pagesize of the classic-server? Is this the reason for the problem?

The problem is not the page size, as stated by Helen, your probem may be
your 'cache pages', this setting must be diferent on SS and CS.

You can found the default setting for all your dbs at firebird.conf

But, each of your dbs can override this defaut value, so you must take your
database info or database statistics (using gstat -h) to make sure you're
not using a high value.

While SS uses defaults to 2048 and usually one raises this, CS defauts for
something like 75 and this is a pretty good value.

Anderson Farias