Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error 335544721
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:03 AM 8/06/2008, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have seen a couple of posts dealing with above error but I have a
>bit of a different problem.
>My setup: Laptop running VS2008 where I'm developing my application

>desktop running Firebird service where database is located.

You will need to explain exactly what this means.

>In my code I connect to the database using the IP address userid and
>password etc..When using the userid sysdba and the password masterkey
>everything works fine. I'm able to connect and read data from the
>database without any problems. However, when using a different userid
>and password I get the above error.

If "the above error" means the one in your Subject (335544721) then that is a network error. Normally it means the client cannot find the host on the network.

>The different user name and
>password has been loaded on the server with the same rights as sysdba
>yet I keep on getting above error.
>I have used SQL Manager 2008 Lite
>to load the users for the database.

No Firebird user has the same rights as SYSDBA.

>When trying to connect to the database using SQL Manager from the
>Laptop I get error 335544375.

Error 335544375 is "Unavailable database". There is a variety of causes for this error, depending on the Firebird version and model (Classic/Superserver) and where the database is located.

>What am I missing.

Most of the essential information: Firebird version and model, Windows version (!) and the connection string you are using for your connection attempt. Plus, of course, tell us whether the database is on the laptop or somewhere else.

>Why does sysdba work 100% from the code?

No way to tell, without adequate information...

>I have checked both firewalls and anti-virus apps. and the required
>port is open etc...

Before you post again, I suggest you go into Firebird's \bin\ directory and run gsec -display in a command shell to list out what users are installed in your security database. Only SYSDBA can do this.

Assuming you are using Fb 2 or above:

gsec -display -database "servername:D:\full\path\to\security2.fdb" -u SYSDBA
-pass xxxxxx

re servername: if the database and Fb server are local, you can try localhost. If that won't work, then you are probably using a version of Windows that doesn't allow you to run a local command shell: you will be in a remote desktop shell. In that case, use the laptop's network node name. If the database and server are not on the laptop, then use the IP address or network node name of the host machine.

re path: the double quotes are not needed if there are no spaces in the path name