Subject Error 335544721
Author kunsmis
Hi all,

I have seen a couple of posts dealing with above error but I have a
bit of a different problem.

My setup: Laptop running VS2008 where I'm developing my application
and desktop running Firebird service where database is located.

In my code I connect to the database using the IP address userid and
password etc..When using the userid sysdba and the password masterkey
everything works fine. I'm able to connect and read data from the
database without any problems. However, when using a different userid
and password I get the above error. The different user name and
password has been loaded on the server with the same rights as sysdba
yet I keep on getting above error. I have used SQL Manager 2008 Lite
to load the users for the database.

When trying to connect to the database using SQL Manager from the
Laptop I get error 335544375.

What am I missing. Why does sysdba work 100% from the code?

I have checked both firewalls and anti-virus apps. and the required
port is open etc...

Thanks for any help.