Subject Firebird Has To Be Manually Startred On One PC.
Author inoffensive_2006
Hi Again Folks:

Developing on XP Home, Visual Studio 2008, C++,
Firebird- - Superserver, and IBPP.

Thanks to clever design by Firebird's creators, my
app can perform a silent install of the SuperServer,
and a user that doesn't even know what a database is
has very nice Client - Server components up and running.

Well, most users can. One user, my partner in this
business, is having fits.

I'll spare you the long story. Firebird is installed


All of this is one one line.

On my machine this means Firebird server is running,
and ready for the app to run GSEC, add a user, and change
the password.

On my business partner's machine this installs Firebrid
but doesn't start the service, which causes the password
and account add to fail.

Is there a clever way to tell the server to be running
when Inno is finished, like it does on my machines?

Can I test if the guardian is running?

Is there any problem if I add a command to run
"fbguard.exe -a" to the install process for every install,
even if the guardian is running?