Subject Can't find or load FBCLIENT.DLL - In Exe's Directory?
Author inoffensive_2006
Hi Folks:

Developing on XP Home, Visual Studio 2008, C++,, IBPP.

Attempting to run on Windows XP Media.

I'm working on several projects, this one uses
Firebird's embedded server.

An app is installed in \Program Files\<App name>.

This directory has the the app's .exe, the six
required Firebird files, fbclient.dll, firebird.conf,
firebird.msg, and the three icu*30.dll files.

Istart the application and am hit with this when
the app tries to open the database:

Can't find or load FBCLIENT.DLL or GDS32.DLL

I've always assumed that if the DLL is in the same
directory as the .exe, things would be fine.

This application runs on the development PC, but
not on the user PC.

I've run the run time redistributable on the user