Subject RE: [firebird-support] Ghost image backups
Author Leyne, Sean
> >> If your database is compatible with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy
> Service
> >> (VSS), then you can check the Enable VSS support box in Backup
> >> for Acronis True Image to ensure completion of all transactions
> >> the backup process starts. Then the database will be ready to
> >> immediately after recovery.
> >>
> >> Multi-Volume Snapshot in Acronis True Image Echo - This feature
> >> you to create a snapshot of several volumes simultaneously and is
> useful
> >> when your database and transaction logs are located on different
> >> partitions/volumes. In this case you should enable Multi-Volume
> Snapshot
> >> feature in Backup Options for Acronis True Image Echo to ensure the
> >> consistency of the database after the restore. If this option is
> >> checked then your transaction logs located on another volume will
> >> correspond to the database state and thus you will need to repair
> >> database after the restore.
> >
> OK, answered too quickly in the last reply. Hate when that happens.
> Is VSS something that FB supports now or is planning to in the future?

There is, however, no explicit VSS support within the engine -- part of
the problem is that VSS functionality would require a true "server
manager" to track the active/open databases and to provide the hooks
necessary for a VSS Provider -- which would use the nbackup snapshot

The NBackup feature can be used in combination with VSS to provide the
appropriate functionality, through a batch file to 'idle' the database
IO operations. But since you are not using v2.x, you are out of luck.