Subject Re: [firebird-support] Ghost image backups
Author Woody
From: "Philippe Makowski" <makowski@...>
>> More information
>> If your database is compatible with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service
>> (VSS), then you can check the Enable VSS support box in Backup Options
>> for Acronis True Image to ensure completion of all transactions before
>> the backup process starts. Then the database will be ready to access
>> immediately after recovery.
>> Multi-Volume Snapshot in Acronis True Image Echo - This feature allows
>> you to create a snapshot of several volumes simultaneously and is useful
>> when your database and transaction logs are located on different
>> partitions/volumes. In this case you should enable Multi-Volume Snapshot
>> feature in Backup Options for Acronis True Image Echo to ensure the
>> consistency of the database after the restore. If this option is not
>> checked then your transaction logs located on another volume will not
>> correspond to the database state and thus you will need to repair the
>> database after the restore.

OK, answered too quickly in the last reply. Hate when that happens.

Is VSS something that FB supports now or is planning to in the future? IOW,
I don't know how this information applies to me and FB.

Woody (TMW)