Subject Re: [firebird-support] Ghost image backups
Author Woody
From: "Philippe Makowski" <makowski@...>
>> Although Acronis True Image takes care of hard disk and file system-level
>> consistency via snapshot technology, it can not guarantee
>> application-level consistency.
>> Solution
>> We recommend you to suspend complex servers such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle
>> or Microsoft Exchange before pressing the Proceed button on the last page
>> of the Acronis True Image Create Image wizard, or before starting a
>> scheduled task. Once the imaging process starts, you can resume server
>> operations. It is not necessary to suspend the applications for the
>> duration of the imaging process.

So, either I stop the FB service every 15 minutes or have them exclude the
database from backup.

Is anyone else out there in this same type of situation? Surely this isn't
the only company using this type of backup system.

Woody (TMW)