Subject RE: [firebird-support] Ghost image backups
Author Leyne, Sean

> Now comes ghosting as a backup method. The entire drive is ghosted
> 15 minutes to another PC and also a virtual location for safety. Does
> anyone know if this type of backup is dangerous to FB or to any
> engine in general? Does it depend on what "type" of ghosting is done
> how it's done? Is there any information, ideas and/or suggestions
about it
> at all?

Unless you are using the NBackup feature of FB v2.x, to set the database
into a 'snapshot' mode, a ghost backup would be *unreliable* for FB
purposes -- the database would likely be invalid.

BTW, I hope by "ghosting" you are referring to a "snapshot"/incremental
backup which would be handled via an OS/File System snapshot function --
otherwise the overhead on the server file system would be tremendous!