Subject Re: As a service in windows98, please, help a student
Author federonline
I think Anderson is correct here; nothing survives the logoff except
the login process. There is no "service" application.

The only way I remember around this (and it goes back 6-8 years now)
is to have the Win98 PC dedicated to your process, have it log in as a
specific user (two more registry entries), lock the workstation
immediately (I forget how to do this) and start your processes from

To use a service, unless you can move to Win2K or newer, I believe you
are out of luck.


> --- In, "Anderson Farias" wrote:
> Hi,
> >HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run the programs are
> >called after user logon, but still be closed after logoff.
> But it will run again as soon as someone logs in.
> AFAIK, *nothing* can be running while not logged in on Windows98
> Regards,
> Anderson Farias