Subject Replicate Firebird 2.0 (using charset unicode_fss) to MS SQL 2000
Author Halim Setiyawan
Hi guys,

I'm using Firebird 2.0 database, some of the table fields are using
charset UNICODE_FSS because it consists of chinese characters.
I want to replicate data from Firebird 2.0 to MS SQL 2000.
I use MS SQL 2000 Data Transformation Service to move data from
Firebird to MS SQL 2000.

after i move my data from Firebird 2 (consists of UNICODE_FSS for
chinese character) to MS SQL 2000(english version), the records shows
strange character instead of chinese character ?

I have change the regional option to chinese(PRC) but still MS SQL
2000 didnt show the correct chinese character.

According to your Firebird data, MS SQL 2000 nvarchar datatype is
compatible with Firebird UNICODE_FSS:

Please Advise Thanks!
Halim S