Subject RE: [firebird-support] Second Request - Embedded Firebird Requires Password
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Again Folks:
> I'm sorry to ask again, but I'm stuck.
> Developing on XP Home, VS 2008 Pro, C++, with IBPP.
> I just downloaded the latest Firebird embedded,
> I'm using IBPP.
> I've recently updated my development environment
> from Visual C 6.0.
> I've been using Firebird on several apps over the
> last few years, Embedded on some, server on others.
> Development of an app using a server version of
> Firebird is doing fine.
> One of the apps I've been developing uses the
> embedded Firebird. I've copied Firebird's DLL and
> the other recommended files into the app's debug
> executable directory.
> I call database IBPP::DatabaseFactory() with
> a user name and password, and calling Create(3).
> An exception is thrown with the following text:
> Your user name and password are not defined.
> A Firebird Service is running on my PC, but
> that's nothing new. I've been able to develop
> an app using Embedded Firebird and another app
> using Server Firebird before.
> Why am I getting this error for an embedded
> version of Firebird?
> Thanks
> Larry

Use anythign for the password - just don't leave it empty.
Not sure why it's changed in 2.1 embedded but that's what I found also.