Subject Second Request - Embedded Firebird Requires Password
Author inoffensive_2006
Hi Again Folks:

I'm sorry to ask again, but I'm stuck.

Developing on XP Home, VS 2008 Pro, C++, with IBPP.

I just downloaded the latest Firebird embedded, I'm using IBPP.

I've recently updated my development environment
from Visual C 6.0.

I've been using Firebird on several apps over the
last few years, Embedded on some, server on others.

Development of an app using a server version of
Firebird is doing fine.

One of the apps I've been developing uses the
embedded Firebird. I've copied Firebird's DLL and
the other recommended files into the app's debug
executable directory.

I call database IBPP::DatabaseFactory() with
a user name and password, and calling Create(3).

An exception is thrown with the following text:

Your user name and password are not defined.

A Firebird Service is running on my PC, but
that's nothing new. I've been able to develop
an app using Embedded Firebird and another app
using Server Firebird before.

Why am I getting this error for an embedded
version of Firebird?