Subject RE: [firebird-support] Permissions problem on database restore.
Author Ray Cote
At 7:24 AM +1000 5/22/08, Alan McDonald wrote:
> > At 1:18 PM -0400 5/21/08, Ray Cote wrote:
>> >Hi All:
>> >
>> >I'm having a permissions problem trying to restore a schema that was
>> >backed up from an embedded database.
>> >
>> >If I understand correctly, when I restore a database, the
>> user that did
>> >the restore should have full access to the information. I get a
> > >permission error when I attempt to read any of the restored tables.
> > >...
>This new bob will own the database but unfortunately it will never own the
>objects inside it (unless you ask Thomas Steinmaurer here on the list) for
>his beautifull little utility which changes all object ownerships to this
>new identity.
>Ether that.. Or create a a role which has access to everything, and grant
>this role to new person.
>The embedded will ignore all this if you do not log on with a role (ie just
>any person).

Hi Alan.
The difference between owning the new database and owning the
contents of that database was a subtlety that I didn't manage to get
from all my reading. Thanks for the clarification.

Role is probably the way I'm going to go. (Though I will also check
out the tool from Mr. Steinmaurer.)

Thanks for the help.