Subject Re: Newbie - Firebird installed but not running
Author Chris Kenworthy
--- In, "Anderson Farias"
<peixedragao@...> wrote:
> Hummm... AFAIR if you're not logged in as root, then you need to
> pass your sysdba password starting/shutting firebird server. This
> password is (used to be) hardcoded into the /etc/init.d/firebird
> script. Open it and edit with your SYSDBA password. I can't
> remember exactly but you should have something like:
> isc_user=sysdba
> isc_password=*yourpass*
> export isc_user
> export isc_password
> *OR* it seems you can also just edit this SYSDBA.password file
> probably located at your firebird root dir. BTW, I thought running
> {fb_root_dir}/bin/ should have done that for
> you.
> Sorry if I'm beeing confused but there's some time since the last
> linux install I've done, and never installed fb2 on linux -- but I
> think it is pretty much like this

A little confusion is okay - you've been enormously helpful! So,
let's recap.

The SYSDBA.password file had the right password in it, but nobody had
the rights to get into it, except root, hehe.
I made a backup copy of init.d/firebird2 and started futzing with it
so that it would run okay at the command line without requiring root
level access at that point. Took away the start-stop-daemon
reference. Tried to set up the fbmgr call with -user SYSDBA -password
[mypasswordhere], but it still replied 'no rights to perform this
operation' or something like that. But when I put sudo in front of
the fbmgr call in the firebird2 script, it went off fine and didn't
need a userid or password.

So that went fine in the console, but when I restarted, it still
didn't actually load right on boot. I think at this point I'm not
worrying about that - this is a subnotebook, not a server, and I
don't really need firebird to be running in the background as I'm
working on a new story chapter on the bus. ;) I've put an item into
my 'development' menu that will run the firebird starting script when
I want it to come online, and that should be good enough. The real
issue was that I didn't understand the right way to start firebird

Of course, if I develop a gambas app running off firebird that I want
to use routinely then starting it up every time may be difficult, but
I'll deal with that when I get to that point. Thanks once again.