Subject Permissions problem on database restore.
Author Ray Cote
Hi All:

I'm having a permissions problem trying to restore a schema that was
backed up from an embedded database.

If I understand correctly, when I restore a database, the user that
did the restore should have full access to the information. I get a
permission error when I attempt to read any of the restored tables.

Here's the process:
(This is all done with Firebird 2.0).
- create an embedded database.
- back it up.
- create a user called BOB on a Firebird server.
- gbak restore the backup, as BOB.
- connect via isql as BOB
- select * from systemattribute
- ..failed, SQLCODE = -551
no permission for read/select access to TABLE SYSTEMATTRIBUTE

Shouldn't BOB have full access to the schema?
Is there something different because I started with an embedded schema?

Note: I'm using the backup services in kinterbasdb (Python) to backup
the embedded and using gbak to do the restore to the full server.

Any pointers as to where I should look.