Subject Do the deadlocks indeed survive the backup/restore and how to handle them
Author vincent_kwinsey
I have the situation: there is report about deadlock when executing the
stored procedure. This procedure can exectute thousands of times
without any error, but there is one specific record (maybe some other
transaction is somehow acting on it - still alive, or having effect
even after the backup/restore), which - when SP is executed on it -

13059,DC: -901
lock conflict on no wait transaction
update conflicts with concurrent update

So - I have been reported about such issue and I will have to resolve
this, so - the full information I will get a bit later, but I am not
sure that such scenario can be true. I guess - bvackup/restores SHOULD
ELIMINATE any deadlock conditions - am I true?

If not - how then to remove this deadlock - I guess - I cann't get
handle of the second (old) transaction...