Subject Re: Do the deadlocks indeed survive the backup/restore and how to handle them
Author Adam
--- In, "vincent_kwinsey"
<vincent_kwinsey@...> wrote:
> I have the situation: there is report about deadlock when executing the
> stored procedure. This procedure can exectute thousands of times
> without any error, but there is one specific record (maybe some other
> transaction is somehow acting on it - still alive, or having effect
> even after the backup/restore), which - when SP is executed on it -
> raises:
> 13059,DC: -901
> lock conflict on no wait transaction
> deadlock
> update conflicts with concurrent update

Unless you have mixed up the messages file, this exception is not
really a deadlock (although yes the message says deadlock). It simply
means that two distinct "concurrent" transactions are trying to modify
the same record. It is of course a natural phenomenon in nearly any
environment where you have concurrent transactions. Another
possibility is that a distinct uncommitted transaction has modified a
parent record and you are trying to insert into a child table from
your transaction. This is an implementation artifact/known
issue/limitation in Firebird.