Subject Firebird 2.1 slow/lock-up
Author dr_john_mp
Server Version: LI-V2.1.0.17798 Firebird 2.1

Loaded the above onto our main Linux server, following what appeared
to be successful trials on a test server. We have about 30-40 users
during the day some of whom may have several programs running each of
which accesses the database.

Have had continuing reports of programs running slow, and in some
cases locking up. The client programs haven't changed, and we have an
event set on the server to take the database offline once each night,
take a backup and then restore it (effectively checks for errors and
compresses the data) - non of which has changed since we were running 2.0.

I did find a couple of clients that still had 1.5.x client software,
but have since updated every user to 2.1 clients (must be an easier
way to do that).

Still appear to have the problem, but never, of course when I am around.

Stepping through a program in Delphi I did notice that some UPDATE
sql's were much slower than they used to be, especially on a large
table (>100k entries)

Anyone else seen this?