Subject Question to entry in log file
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

We have a server running Fireird 1.5.5.
Some 20 DBs are active at the same time.
There are between 1 and 100 users connected to each DB at all time.
The DBs varies from 20 Mb to 3 Gb.

Every once in a while the Firebird server crashes.
This gives on of 2 senarios.

The guardian takes over, restarting the server.
Everybode gets an "Unable to connect to database..." (or something
like this)

No one can connect to the DB, and those connected cannot do anything
without getting every kind of error.
Stopping and restarting the Firebird server solves this.

Everytime these situations happens we can see that almost all of the 2
Gbs of installed RAM are used.

Usually we get this entry in the log file:

DBSRV05 (Server) Wed May 14 12:39:03 2008
internal gds software consistency check (cannot start thread)

But just recently we have starting to get this error as well:

DBSRV05 (Server) Wed May 14 12:38:59 2008
Allocated 813 page buffers of 2048 requested

The last one is a new one.
And until we stop and start the Firebird server it will stay like this

Question is - Those this mean, that Firebird are requesting more page
buffers than the OS can give ?