Subject Doubt about version 2.1...
Author Salvatore Besso
hello all,

maybe you can dissipate a doubt that arose today after I had released a new version of an application that uses 2.1
embedded. Is .NET framework (which version?) a requirement to use Firebird 2.1.x (even the embedded version)?

I say this because a people told me that running the new version of my application with Firebird 2.1.x embedded he got
this error:

Error ISC:335544325 - bad parameters on attach or create database
CHARACTER SET ISO 8859_1 is not defined

but he also told me after minutes that he resolved the problem after having installed Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
(!?!?!?). I've never deployed the .NET framework along with my application because I don't use it and, AFAIK, until
version 2.0.x Firebird has never required it. I'm puzzled. Is it required now in 2.1.x? If yes, how to deploy it?

Thank you