Subject RE: [firebird-support] self-uninstalling firebird???
Author Maya Opperman
Lucas Franzen Wrote:>
>>Sounds like I'm crazy, but:
>>Has anyone ever experienced a firebird installation vanishing from one

>>day to another from a computer?

Don't know if it makes you feel any better, but we get a similar problem
on a regular basis (about 6 times a month on average for the past year -
at least that's how long we've been logging it for).

We have really been trying to get to the bottom of this lately, but have
not been too successful (as the user tends not to get back to you once
you have reinstalled FB and their problem has been resolved, or they do
not have the know-how to check their logs, or they have already cleared
their logs out..)

We have had one or 2 users admitting to deleting GDS32.DLL manually out
of the windows folder and also uninstalling Firebird, as they did not
know what it was.

Other cases do seem to somehow be Anti-virus software related, but we
have yet to find an entry in an AV log that says it has deleted
GDS32.dll. A lot of the users have also deleted the logs, before we get
to them ;-(

One case though I suspect was actually caused by uninstalling an
Antivirus package (I think it may have been using Firebird too! Was an
unknown version of Norton's) Still investigating the possibility that
this kind of thing could be the main cause of the problem (namely
uninstalling of other software in general that also uses FB, not just AV

There is a keystroke logger out there that makes use of FB (and installs
FBClient.DLL, among others in its program files folder) If AV or
anti-spyware is removing FB, then that might be the reason. Just Google
FBCLient.DLL to see what I mean.
Note: I have yet to find a log AV log that says it has removed the file,
as that would make the problem easy to resolve, as it's just a case of
reporting the mistake to the Antivirus people.

Hope insanity loves company ;-)