Subject Re: [firebird-support] self-uninstalling firebird???
Author Lucas Franzen
Maya Opperman schrieb:
> Lucas Franzen Wrote:>
>>> Sounds like I'm crazy, but:
>>> Has anyone ever experienced a firebird installation vanishing from one
>>> day to another from a computer?
> Don't know if it makes you feel any better, but we get a similar problem
> on a regular basis (about 6 times a month on average for the past year -
> at least that's how long we've been logging it for).

Oh yes, that makes me feel a little less insane ;-)

Sincer the server's usually just and only set up for my application I
don't think the user (only the IT department responsible has got access
to the machine usually) uninstalled firebird - they know the program's
depending on.

Is there just the cleint library removed in your case?
As said: in my case it looks like running uninst.exe for Firebird, so
everything's missing, not just the client library.

When this was reported from the first customer I didn't take care too
much since I remembered that I had a really hard time finding out why
firebird always was stopping while my program was running (usually after
some hours of processing data - so not too easy to debug); the customer
denied that he was doing a backup or something like that but in the end
they started a shadow volume copy remotely which just didn't care for
the database filehandle (well but FB itself did).

So if you find out more tell me; I'm trying to gather more information
at the customers sites and if I got them I'll post them.