Subject Looks like soon! - Re: When will be full-text search available for Firebird?
Author zzotnik

This raises a lot of questions:

Is the quality of the full-text search add-on good enough in Max DB
for the creators of Firebird to include it in one of the new

The other thing is that if you look at the plans for Firebird 2.5
(the next big version) full-text search is not on the list. Not even
in 3.0. So theoretically, we won't have this feature for at least 2
more years in the current pace of developments.

Unfortunately, I'm not an experienced C++ developer - otherwise I
would consider porting the Sphinx DB parts to Firebird.

But still, I hope that someone will consider this idea, as Sphinx is
a really good FTS engine - a Firebird/Sphinx combo would be killer!


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> It looks like it's already in beta in Red Database.
> Read this:
> I hope that Java support will be incorporsted into the main branch.
> Maxim.
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