Subject When will be full-text search available for Firebird?
Author zzotnik
Dear Group,

As an enthusiastic FB2 user, I find the lack of built-in full-text
search capabilities very challanging.

I've tried all the third party solutions available, and they offer
no usable alternative.

Rubicon - it used to be good but it's not developped anymore -
meaning you can't rely on it.

FastTextSearch - the same as the above, no more developments.

IBObjects FTS part - this will only work with IBOjects (won't work
separately), you're tied to their components.

So the question is:
When will be built-in full text search available for Firebird?

I also have a suggestion for enthusiastic developers on this list:

There is a great open-source FTS engine called "Sphinx" at It's faster than lightening, but
unfortunately it supports only MySQL and Postgres. Maybe if someone
would be willing to do a Firebird port, we would have an actively
developped and good FTS for our favourite DBMS.