Subject Re: Missing Configuration File Aliases.conf
Author ra8009
> I smell rats here. The words "peer to peer" around Firebird have no
relevance. Firebird is client/server - that is, the Firebird server
executable running on the host machine and applications on client
machines connecting to databases located PHYSICALLY on the server
host. The other "rat" is
> "when I try to run an application from the client, users on the
server machine
> get an error message"
> UserS plural? There would only be one user on the server machine.
So how about providing some more information about your hardware
disposition? And also the connection string that all of the client
application instances use.
> ./heLen

The host machine has the Firebird server and the Firebird data file on
it. One user on the host machine runs an application that connects to
the database. One user on one client machine (connected to the host
machine peer to peer) uses one application to read data from the host
computer. The protocol using IB Objects is set to cpLocal for all
applications. Until everything on the client machine had to be
reinstalled, everything had worked fine for years.