Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: What's the difference between "Gbak -g" and "gFix -sweep"
Author Philippe Makowski
svanderclock [08-05-05 16.00] :
> I do backup every week, and i want to know if after the backup (done
> WITHOUT the -g) i must launch the gfix -sweep ?
Better to do the backup every day ;)

> Some firebird tech say that i must ... but i far as i understand i
> don't need...
no, in normal use, you don't need to do a sweep if you run gbak without -g (that will
collect the garbage)

The only case you will eventualy need to run a sweep is if you have a lot of rollbacked

> in other word :
> What exactly gbak (without -g) do (except the backup) and what exactly
> gfix -sweep do ?
they do the same, but sweep can also deal with rolled-back transaction (garbage collect don't)