Subject Re: What's the difference between "Gbak -g" and "gFix -sweep"
Author svanderclock
Yes, i understand

I do backup every week, and i want to know if after the backup (done
WITHOUT the -g) i must launch the gfix -sweep ?

Some firebird tech say that i must ... but i far as i understand i
don't need...

in other word :
What exactly gbak (without -g) do (except the backup) and what exactly
gfix -sweep do ?

thanks by advance

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> svanderclock wrote:
> >
> > I want to ask if :
> >
> > Gbak (without -g)
> > and
> > "gFix -sweep
> >
> >
> No. First, gbak creates a backup file. You could direct that
> to the null device, but it's still going to go over all data,
> metadata, and procedural objects and try to make a copy of them
> that can be restored. Second, gfix -sweep resets the value of
> the "oldest interesting transaction". That reduces the cost
> of some internal bookkeeping.
> If you want both effects, setting the oldest interesting
> transaction to the oldest transaction that was running when
> the sweep started and creating a backup file, you could run
> the sweep first then a gbak with -g since there will be
> little or nothing to garbage collect.
> Regards,
> Ann